Immanuel Kant


The philosopher

2024 marks the 300th anniversary of Immanuel Kant’s birth on April 22, 1724, in Königsberg. The Kantian work sketches philosophical coordinates with which the contemporary thinker is inevitably confronted. With its theoretical side, it encompasses the continental and Anglo-Saxon traditions and raises them to a level where they can be debated currently.

His philosophy

With unprecedented intellectual courage, his transcendental turn firmly emphasizes the active role of the subject in the act of cognition and in the constitution of a meaningful world. His moral reflection emphasizes the universality of the ethical norm without resorting to a heteronomous foundation. His view of history, his aesthetic theory and his philosophy of religion form a multifaceted spectrum in which he hardly omits a problem area that does not resonate.

300 years

On its tercentenary there will be many activities that will take place worldwide. This page aims to bring them together, as if it was a global showcase, to continue our dialogue with the philosopher. Kant offers himself for dialogue: he is our interlocutor.


Here are the international conferences with call for papers that are held on the 300th anniversary of the birth of Immanuel Kant, together with a link to the event calender of the Kant Research Center Mainz and to the websites of the Kant societies and research centers:

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The Kant-Gesellschaft was founded in 1904 by Hans Vaihinger in Halle in memory of the hundreth anniversary of Kant’s death. The first member’s assembly on April 22, 1904, decided to formulate the goal of the society as supporting the spread of the study of Kant’s philosophy. Today’s Kant Gesellschaft e.V. Bonn dedicates itself primarily to the following activities: the publication of the Kant-Studien and supplementary periodicals of Kant research; organization of congresses every five years; organization of lectures; information about all questions concerning Kant research.

Research Group Kant-València

“Kant-València” is made up of European and American philosophers with an expertise in the history of modern and contemporary philosophy and interdisciplinary interests which span across other disciplines such as neuroscience and evolutionary epistemology. Main concern is to explore the contemporary problems of philosophy under the light of the philosophical tradition and specially of German classical philosophy. Its activity develops in three areas: research, publications – with its own series at the publishing house Tirant lo Blanch – and workshops and conferences.


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